Sturgis Area Arts Council - Event Details

X is for Zebra!
Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12
7:00 pm each evening
Sturgis Community Center Theater

In the African Savannah, there are some things everyone just knows are true. Meerkats are social, lions have pride, hippos are big and zebras have stripes. All zebras except Xena, that is! Xena was born without stripes and to make matters worse, she spells her name with an "X". It's just too different! It's just not right! What is a zebra without its stripes? Xena struggles with who she is as she listens to others tell her whom she is supposed to be. How can you be comfortable with your place in the world if you don't know who you are? In the end, the truth is that "you just gotta be you" never ever hurts to have a sense of humor about life!

Join us as we present this show in conjunction with Dakota Players. Our kids have been hard at work all week long singing, dancing, and learning lines as part of the "Musical in a Week" production.

Shows will be held in the Sturgis Community Center Theater at 7:00pm both evenings. Admission is $6 for Adults and $3 for Students - bring the whole family and support our young actors & actresses here in Sturgis.

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