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Book Signing
Thursday, May 23
Sturgis Public Library

Former Sturgis resident and author Carol Armbrust is hosting a book signing of her novel, "The Disinterment", on Thursday, May 23rd, from 5:00-6:30pm at the Sturgis Public Library.

Carol grew up in the Rapid City area, so the beautiful Black Hills feel like home to her wherever she lives or travels. Although she lived mostly in the Rapid Valley area growing up, as an adult, she lived in Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish, and Hot Springs. Carol has been living on and off and on again in Ohio since 1986, where she presently resides. She teaches English composition at the local community college. Her experiences while growing up, her various jobs, and her family have all inspired her writing. Carol also has published a book of her poems and short stories, "Boxes and Buckets" and a children's picture book "Star Gazer". During this book tour, she will also have scheduled book signings at the Sioux Falls library on May 18th at 2:00pm; at the Hot Springs Library on May 22nd, and at Mitzi's Books at 12:00pm on May 23rd.

A bit about her novel "The Disinterment"... After their father's death, an older brother, Ben, asks Ella to exhume their father's remains to bury him in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dredging up long-forgotten emotions about how she felt about her father's abuses, Ella wrestles with whether or not to honor her ailing brother's request. "The Disinterment" follows Ella and her sister Evie as they resolve the issues that arise from disturbing their father's remains. Ella's quest to put all the corpses in their rightful places reveals long-held secrets, sibling loyalties, and family history.

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