Sturgis Area Arts Council - Event Details

What does Peace look like?
Puzzle pieces at the Kick-Off event and the Library

Everyone seems to have a different image of peace, judging by the variety of concepts around. However you see it, you have the opportunity to illustrate it in the Sturgis Big Read Art Project.

Bob Davis is cutting 14" jigsaw pieces for anyone who is so inclined to put his/her version of "peace" on. You can draw, paint, sketch, or write on it. Use whatever medium you prefer privately in your home or come to a community event in the program room of the library on Tuesday, October 17th at 6:30pm to work on your piece of peace with others. Puzzle pieces will be available at the Sturgis Big Read Kick-off Event on September 7th at Rally Point and at the library after that.

Young people will have the opportunity to create their idea of peace at the Library's Makers' Space programs on Mondays: September 18th, October 2nd, and 16th. We are also working to involve the middle and high school art programs.

The entire collection will be hung in the library on November 11th and be on display for the month. Although each puzzle piece represents an individual; when they all come together, we will have a unique community concept of Peace.

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